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Jakub Bilko

Front-end developer

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Work Experience

Front-end developer - Syncano (December 2015 - Present)

At Syncano I'm responsible for the javascript library used for communication with the platform. I use ES6 + Mocha and Karma for testing.

Front-end developer - OpenBooks.com (October 2015 - Present)

At OpenBooks I take care of maintaining the existing codebase and implementing new features. I use haml, coffescript, sass and ruby/rails on a daily basis.

Front-end developer - Daftcode (January 2015 - October 2015)

At daftcode I was responsible for creating the front-end layer of projects, mostly rails apps. I also did a few javascript games with the use of the Phaser engine.

Web developer - Freelance (January 2014 - January 2015)

During my year off from working in an office, I mainly did Wordpress developement - whole sites, themes and plugins.

Flash Developer - Discipline Media Group (August 2010 - January 2014)

At Discipline I was creating rich websites/games using Flash and Object-oriented Actionsctipt 3. Additionally, I helped write server-side Java code for a multiplayer game server.

Flash Developer - Activeweb (August 2009 - August 2010)

At my second position in Activeweb I created and maintained an eDetailing platform for medical reps in Flex/AIR. I was also responsible for creating interactive website elements in Flash.

Html coder - Activeweb (December 2008 - Setember 2009)

At my first job in Activeweb I was mainly coding designs for Rails applications using XHTML and CSS.

My projects and experiments

Syncano JS Library Open Source

This library is used for communicating with the Syncano platform. We are currently maintaining the previous version along with a complete rewrite using composable object factories.

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Controller Specific Assets Rails Gem Open Source

This gem was created to help solve the problem in asset (css/js) management in Rails applications. Usually, all of the javascript and css files are loaded on every page in your app. This kinda sucks for big apps that have a lot of front-end code.

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